BathMate Hydro Pump Reviews

bathmate hydro pumpOverall appearance has a large impact on the way how people look at us and the level of confidence we have. Unfortunately not everyone has been blessed with perfect body and appearance. Women can choose breast implants and other ways to increase their sexual appearance. But what kind of methods do men have?

Recently penis pumps have become very popular and many men have increased the size of their penis greatly. But which ones are the most potent penis pumps? How good is Bathmate Penis Pump? Today will review BathMate Hydro Pump and provide you with an unbiased review.

First o fall, BathMate Hydro Pump comes with a money back guarantee which is worth thinking about. There are many other competing products but they are being sold on very sketchy terms. However, BathMate comes with a solid money back guarantee which means that if you will not be satisfied with the results you can simply ask the manufacturer and it will give back all your funds.

At first I was very skeptical about this long money back guarantee and asked myself why would anyone sell their products on such good terms. But then I realized – due to the fact that product is so effective the number of people who ask for refunds are very low. Also, BathMate today is the most sold hydro pump in the internet.

BathMate Hydro Pump X40 works in different manner then other penis pumps. While most of penis pumps use simple air vacuum to extend the member. Bathmate Hydro Pump uses water. You simply pour a bit of water into the pump, put your penis in and press the button to create a suction. The water will create a gentle pressure pushing your penis forward and outwards. This will make it expand in length and girth as well.

The user of water no only makes it more effective but safer as well. The pumps which use water create a huge friction on the sides making it uncomfortable and sometimes painful. BathMate Hydro Pump X30 on the other hand makes the process smooth and absolutely without no pain. Your penis will stay moisturized and no blisters will form.

The manufacturer states that on average the penis extends up to 3 inches in length and 30% increase in girth. We made a unbiased review compilation and found out that the average length after a few weeks use is 1.8 inches and 20% increase in thickness. However, after using the product occasionally for 6 months led to increase of 2.6 inches in length and 26% in thickness. Just remember, that these are not case studies results rather than the data we collected from various reviews sites and blogs.

To sum up, BathMate Hydro Pump is a great product and results from past users are very positive. From all the products we have reviewed, BathMate has received the best feedback.